TGS: An Offer and a Departure

Gawyn POV#

In Dorlan, Gawyn practices swords with two Warder, Sleete and Marlesh, while a Youngling Corbet watches. Sleete was seriously wounded at Dumai's Wells and only recently reunited here with his Aes Sedai Hattori. Marlesh and Vasha arrived with the other eleven Aes Sedai. They are the only two Warder in Dorlan. Gawyn defeats the two despite the fact that Sleete is a blademaster who even won bouts with Lan Mandragoran. Marlesh says Gawyn should be a blademaster as he killed Hammar. Vasha and Marlesh go to see why Narenwin's meeting is taking so long.

Gawyn has not sent out a raid in weeks as Bryne's search parties come closer. After Corbet leaves, Sleete tells Gawyn that Hattori has been looking for another Warder for ten years and that he would be perfect. Gawyn says his loyalty is to Andor and Elayne. And his heart is Egwene's. They discuss how bad the situation between the Tower and the rebels is. Sleete says Hattori went with the embassy to Rand to get out of the Tower, not knowing the real goal. Gawyn thinks what a monster Rand is.[1]

As he heads to the Youngling camp he passes the mayor's house and sees that Vasha was denied entrance. Rajar would have said it is Aes Sedai business but Gawyn is curious. At the back door Hal Moir lets Gawyn enter. Upstairs, Gawyn relieves Berden, the guard there. He knocks on Narenwin's door but Covarla opens it just a crack and tells him to go away. While Gawyn waits he wonders about his loyalty. He does not like Elaida, but he chose her side because of what Siuan did to Elayne and Egwene. Covarla, Narenwin and Katerine Alruddin come down the stairs. Gawyn is shocked, as Katerine left weeks ago and no one saw her return.[2] He is even more shocked to hear that Egwene is the Amyrlin for the rebels and is now a prisoner. He quickly does the sums and figures she was set up as a pawn.

Outside the house Gawyn asks another guard, Tando, if anyone saw Katerine enter. None did. Katerine orders him to step up his raids on the rebel army saying the new weaves will make it easy. Gawyn goes to his tent and packs a saddlebag to leave. Passing Rajar, he says he is going to inspect an outpost. As Gawyn saddles Challenge, Sleete appears. He knows Gawyn is leaving but will not stop him. Gawyn leaves Dorlan, riding for help to rescue Egwene.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is curious that Gawyn is so dead set against Rand. He is just stubborn and somewhat envious.
[#2] Katerine is apparently one of the sisters entrusted with Traveling by Elaida. (KoD,Ch2)
[#3] We learn his destination in TGS,Ch24.

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