ACoS: The Irrevocable Words

Morgase POV#

It is a few days since Pedron Niall died. It is night and Morgase is in bed. She is thinking of Elayne, Gawyn and Galad and believes that Elayne and Gawyn are still safe in the White Tower. Morgase is near a breakdown. Rhadam Asunawa worked on her an hour, then she gave herself to Valda. They rode north yesterday with thousands of Whitecloaks to face the Prophet. Breane Taborwin, Martyn Tallanvor, Basel Gill , Lamgwin Dorn, Lini all arrive.

There is a battle outside; the Seanchan are attacking. They all wait till morning. Morgase knows the accents and armor of every nation but has never seen Seanchan. Guards come for Morgase. On the way they pass a der'sul'dam[1] and her damane. The head guard, Elbar, takes her to High Lady Suroth, leader of Those Who Come Before who succors The Return, in Niall's old chambers. The room is decorated with panels depicting a bird of prey and a large cat.[2] Suroth has a pet lopar, Almandaragal. She is attended by Alwhin and, among others, two damane, Pura and Jinjin. Pura used to be Aes Sedai.[3] There are numerous dancers in nearly transparent gowns.[4] Suroth orders one of the dancers, Thera, to serve kaf.[5] She tells Morgase that the Seanchan have taken Tarabon and are now taking Amadicia. The King of Tarabon[6] was killed in battle. There is a new King and Panarch who follow the Seanchan. Alwhin orders Thera to dance Poses of the Swan. Suroth is angry at this choice; Poses is normally danced by a group.[7] Morgase finally recognizes "Thera" and Suroth has her confirm her former name, Amathera. Suroth calls her da'covale ("person who is owned" in the Old Tongue).

Morgase is escorted back to her rooms where Breane and Lini are waiting. Morgase considers jumping out the window and abdicates her throne to Elayne. This has only done twice before in the history of Andor. The men return with Sebban Balwer. He has a plan to escape. Morgase decides that escape is better than death. They kill the guards and leave with passes Balwer obtained. They head east.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A der'sul'dam is a teacher and authority figure for sul'dam. (Guide)
[#2] These are the same panels Suroth had at Cantorin. The bird is a black mountain eagle and the cat is a kori. (TSR,Ch1, KoD,Prologue)
[#3] Ryma
[#4] They are called shea dancers.
[#5] Coffee
[#6] Andric
[#7] Alwhin is not very good at being so'jhin. (TSR,Ch1)

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