ACoS: Mindtrap

Moghedien POV#

Moghedien is asleep having a recurring dream - She is back in the tent. Halima enters, calls her by name, names herself Aran'gar and tells her she is summoned to the Pit of Doom. Aran'gar removes the a'dam necklace. Moghedien opens a gateway intending to Skim, but she arrives immediately at Shayol Ghul. Shaidar Haran meets her and leads her to the Pit of Doom. The Dark One chastises her for teaching his enemies and she is fitted with a mindtrap, cour'souvra in the Old Tongue. This can only be done at Shayol Ghul and only to those who can channel. She screams for mercy which she knows is useless, but she would do the same if caged with a darath in molt.

Shaidar Haran wakens her. She is in a cell with no door where she has been for several days. She calls Shaidar Haran Mia'cova ("One Who Owns Me," "My Owner" in the Old Tongue) and responds instantly to his commands. Shaidar Haran holds her mindtrap. He laughs, unlike Myrddraal. He tells her to close her eyes and apparently throws her through a wall. She strikes nothing, however, and in a few moments a deep voice tells her to open her eyes. She is in a sitting room with a young man who calls himself Moridin. He is a tall, broad shouldered young man with bright blue eyes and a too strong chin. He is almost pretty enough for Graendal. He is the same size as Rand and has saa which indicate use of the True Power. Only twenty-nine others have been given this privilege. He tells her she has been in a vacuole, but only for two days of real time and she feels as if there are bands of cuande about her chest. Time flows differently in vacuoles. She could have been in there for centuries. Even Mesaana does not understand vacuoles completely. They can be very dangerous. They can break away from the Pattern and be lost forever. He tells her she would be dead, but she has done some good by accident so she is still Chosen.[1] Moridin now has her mindtrap and another as well.[2]
(You Darkfriend!)

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] There is no indication of what this good might be.
[#2] In TPoD,Ch12 we see that Cyndane is also mindtrapped.

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