TPoD: A Peculiar Calling

Egwene POV#

The nobles immediately head for the Sitters. Egwene pulls Sheriam away from Donel telling her to ask about the sisters in Andor. She sends Siuan on the same mission. Romanda and Lelaine look really angry, but are surrounded by nobles. Segan asks her if she really meant the novice book is open to all women. Egwene spots Talmanes talking to Pelivar and heads for him. Halima and Siuan watch as they talk. The Murandians are deferring to the Andorans, especially Pelivar, Arathelle and Aemlyn, hoping that the Andoran army will eventually leave.

Talmanes tells Egwene that he and others in the Band of the Red Hand feel that Mat needs them in the south. He asks where Mat is. She implies that he is heading to Andor.[1] Talmanes wants to stay behind in Murandy. King Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a'Naloy wants to hire the Band to help him consolidate Murandy. Egwene agrees, as long as Talmanes agrees not to get involved in a war.

Other conversations continue. Donel talks with Janya and Moria. Cian do Mehon a'Macansa talks with Takima. All of the women eventually get around to asking Egwene about the novice book including an Andoran lady, Negara, a Murandian lady, Jennet,[2] and even one of the Aes Sedai's servants, Nildra. Egwene wants to hear what the men think of the agreement, but most of them, including an Andoran man named Macharan avoid her. Pelivar spills his wine avoiding her. She comments that he must be pleased that Elayne is returning but he is cool to the idea.[3] Egwene is frustrated because the men such as Pelivar and Culhan control the soldiers. The Aes Sedai prepare to return to their camp.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Even though she knows from Elayne and Nynaeve that Mat was trapped in Ebou Dar.
[#2] Jennet will become a novice and has an affinity for Healing. (KoD,Ch23)
[#3] Pelivar now supports Dyelin for the Lion Throne. (TPoD,Ch28)

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