TPoD: Out on the Ice

Egwene POV#

The next morning Egwene rides Daishar leading the Hall and their Warder with Sheriam, Siuan and Bryne and a thousand soldiers led by Uno Nomesta. It is the day of the Feast of Abram.[1] Not having a Warder, Delana brings Halima. Egwene wears fine clothes and jewels provided by Romanda, Lelaine and Janya. Siuan rides Bela; Sheriam rides Wing; Bryne rides Traveler.

They arrive at the meeting place, a frozen lake. The Murandians and Andorans are on the north side. Talmanes and a hundred Redarms are also there on the east side. They meet in the center of the frozen lake. Sheriam introduces Arathelle, High Seat of House Renshar, Pelivar, High Seat of House Coelan, Aemlyn, High Seat of House Carand and her husband Culhan, Donel do Morny a'Lordeine, Cian do Mehon a'Macansa, Paitr do Fearna a'Conn and Segan do Avharin a'Roos.[2]

Egwene hopes the nobles will not mention Myrelle and the others who met with them earlier. They have heard reports of Aes Sedai and Tower Guards sneaking into Andor.[3] Egwene, ignoring Lelaine's and Romanda's orders, speaks to the nobles promising them that they will not enter Andor. They will remain in Murandy for a month then leave. The Andorans agree but will still leave their army to be sure. Egwene announces that the novice book is now open for women of any age and suggests some casual conversation.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Which makes it the ninth day of Jumara. (Guide)
[#2] Segan do Avharin a'Roos shares a family name with Einion Avharin, a famous historic First Counsel from Far Madding. (WH,Ch23)
[#3] Elaida's mission against the Black Tower.

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