TGS: The Tower Stands

Egwene POV#

Egwene walks though the camp preparing for the assault on the White Tower. Siuan found her Great Serpent ring. She wears a red dress to symbolize reunification with the Red Ajah as well as the blood spilled. Over fifty Black Ajah sisters were stilled and beheaded. She can still see Sheriam on the block. A rare golden sunbeam lit her fiery red hair and blue dress as the silvery axe descended.[1] They only discovered three Black Ajah sisters whose names were not on Verin's list. Nearly twenty escaped. The Warder are under guard until they can be sorted out. Some Sitters argued for questioning but Egwene would not repeat her mistake with Moghedien. Lelaine reports that the army is ready to move.

Romanda reports that there has been no word from the Black Tower embassy. In addition to the Sitters, the embassy included Nisao, Myrelle,[2] Theodrin and Faolain. Why all women sworn to Egwene?[3] Lelaine then reports that Sheriam's story was true. All the Dream ter'angreal are missing.[4] They are all disturbed by Sheriam's other claim that one of the Forsaken is in the White Tower. They reach the edge of the camp where there is a large group of soldiers as well as a Sitter from each Ajah. They mount and Egwene sees Gawyn following her. They ride to the outskirts of Darein. They can see the White Tower, wounded but still standing. Bryne and Siuan are waiting. Egwene guesses correctly that she bonded him. Egwene tells Siuan that she is angry and that Siuan must regain her trust. Bryne leads her through Darein to the Alindaer Bridge so she can see the force of a thousand of the Tower Guard on the other side. The army can cut them down but it will be bloody. She asks Bryne if he agrees with the assault. He says it is not his place to make and opinion, but the rebels have lost the advantage of Traveling and the White Tower will never be weaker. It is time to either attack or give up and leave. Egwene says they will wait an hour. After that it will be too dark.

As she prepares to give the command, another group approaches. They are ten Aes Sedai led by Andaya Forae. The sisters comprise two Sitters from the Brown, Gray, Green, White and Yellow.[5] Andaya announces that the Hall has chosen to raise Egwene to the Amyrlin. Elaida was taken by the Seanchan. Egwene demands and Andaya accedes that the army may enter the city, the rebels will be accepted back and the Blue Ajah reinstated. Egwene feels joy and satisfaction as she rides into Tar Valon.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Min's viewing from TFoH,Ch26 is fulfilled in a most unexpected way!
[#2] Nuhel Dromand accompanies her. (ToM,Ch20)
[#3] No answers to this question...yet.
[#4] All? Then why was Sheriam missing a finger? Did Mesaana discover that Leane did not have one after all or did someone else take one?
[#5] That makes them Andaya and Yukiri for the Gray, Rina and Rubinde Acedone for the Green, Ferane and Seaine for the White, Doesine and Suana for the Yellow, and two of Juilaine, Saerin and Shevan for the Brown. (TGS,Ch46)

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