TGS: To Be Forged Again

Egwene POV#

Egwene hastens to the White Tower with Siuan and Gawyn behind her. Servants meet her and escort her to a preparation room where Lairain of the Brown Ajah coaches her on the ceremony. Tesan stands guard outside the room. Siuan reports that Bryne has moved the army into the city and they are helping the Tower Guard put out fires. She tells Siuan to have the rebel Aes Sedai report to the Sunset Gate to apologize for rebelling.

When Egwene is ready, she opens the door to find Gawyn waiting. She tells him to wait, to his displeasure, and goes to the Hall. She gasps when she sees a large hole in the wall through which she can see Dragonmount. There are only eleven Sitters including Saerin (Brown), Doesine (Yellow), Yukiri (Gray), Seaine (White) and Suana (Yellow).[1] Talene fled months ago. Velina and Sedore are missing; they were on Verin's list. Evanellein is also missing making her a suspect as Black Ajah. All three Red Sitters are missing. Duhara left some weeks before on a mission for Elaida.[2] Javindhra and Pevara just disappeared.[3]

Egwene asks Tesan if Silviana is still imprisoned. She replies yes, but says the Leane was freed to join the others at the Sunset Gate. Egwene sends her to bring Silviana. Saerin issues the call and Yukiri, Seaine and Suana stand for her. Saerin then calls for the vote and all rise. Egwene is raised to the Amyrlin. Tesan returns with Silviana. Egwene berates the Sitters for letting Elaida destroy the Tower. She says Silviana was the only one brave enough to stand up to her. She offers Silviana the position of Keeper of the Chronicles and she humbly accepts. Romanda and Lelaine will be livid when they learn that neither of them will be Keeper.

She chastises the Sitters again saying they all made mistakes, including herself, but they must now move forward to make the White Tower strong. They all move to the Great Square where Egwene addresses all the rebels and most of the others in the White Tower. She admonishes the rebels then tells them they must work hard to rebuild. The White Tower will once again be whole and complete. The Aes Sedai cheer as Egwene thinks how much work needs to be done.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The other six are Juilaine Madome, Shevan, Andaya Forae, Rina Hafden, Rubinde Acedone and Ferane Neheran.
[#2] She is in Caemlyn attempting to work her way into Elayne's good graces.
[#3] They led the White Tower delegation to the Black Tower.

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