TGH: From Stone to Stone

Rand POV#

The next morning after TGH,Ch11, Rand wakes. Loial and Hurin are beside him, but the rest are gone. The world looks washed-out. The Portal Stone is now three spans high, a pace thick and covered with markings. Around the Portal Stone, seven steps colored like the Ajahs rise to ground level. The surrounding area looks burned. He wakes Loial and Hurin. Loial now identifies the column as a Portal Stone, but he never heard of anyone finding one before.[1] He says Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends used them to travel to different worlds. Hurin begs Rand to get them back. His wife, Melia, would never recover if he just disappeared. Rand tries to channel at the Portal Stone, but the void shatters like glass. Hurin says he can still smell the Trolloc trail. It is faint, but he can follow it. Rand recalls Ingtar saying they were three or four days from Hawkwing's monument and wonders if it exists in this world.[2] They ride south.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] With Loial being such a scholar this seems odd. There is a Portal Stone just outside Stedding Tsofu. Verin knows of some. (TGH,Ch36) With a little research Rand finds four in Tear. (TSR,Ch22)
[#2] The monument exists, but it marks quite a different victory. (TGH,Ch16)

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