TFoH: Dreams of Galad

Egwene POV#

Instead of returning to her own body, Egwene goes to the place of dreams. She recognizes Rand's and Moiraine's dreams, both shielded. She can tell by their dreams that Amys and Bair have returned to their bodies and are asleep. She hopes to learn to recognize Elayne's and Nynaeve's dreams so she can communicate with them more directly.

Egwene goes to her old quarters in the White Tower. Elayne joins her. She says Bair reminds her of Lini. Egwene tells her that Sorilea is even worse. Egwene asks her about Birgitte, but Elayne refuses to comment.[1] Elayne asks if Rand is well and Egwene says that he is, but he is getting even harder and more arrogant. Elayne thinks he has the right as a ruler. She says Nynaeve's fight will not cause a problem. Latelle is just jealous because she now has competition for the unattached men. Aludra keeps to herself, Cerandin is also quiet and Clarine is married to Petra. Luca actually forced her to apologize to Latelle. Elayne notes that Egwene is acting more authoritative. She says Egwene will be Amyrlin when she is Queen of Andor. She also says that Elaida cannot destroy the White Tower. They will probably find a Tower in exile when Nynaeve remembers the name of the town.[2] Elayne then tells Egwene that Moghedien is trying to find them. They warn each other to be careful, then Elayne leaves.

Egwene disguises herself as Enaila and goes to Elaida's study. There are fewer stools than before.[3] She searches for information. Bashere and his army still have not been found. They do not know where Rand is. There has been no news from Tanchico in over a month. A Red Ajah sister reports Morgase at a public audience in Caemlyn,[4] but other reports say she has not been seen. There are minor rebellions in Shienar and Arafel. Pedron Niall is recalling Whitecloaks to Amadicia. There is a report on Nynaeve and Elayne with a note from Elaida to make an example of the agent[5] who let them escape. There are plans for a new palace that will be Elaida's residence. As she leaves the study, the room seems to flicker and Galad walks in! Leane and Siuan are suddenly there as well! Egwene flees.

She is in Emond's Field near the Winespring Inn. She is still flustered by Galad's appearance. She more often dreams of Gawyn. She notes banners with a red eagle and a red wolf's head and wonders if they are Perrin's doing. There is another flicker and Marin al'Vere steps out of the inn. Gawyn rides up and kisses her then her mother hands Egwene her baby son. In terror and confusion Egwene flees back to her own body.

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Moghedien POV#

Moghedien is hiding behind a house in Emond's Field. She tried to trap Egwene and was surprised that Egwene was strong enough to escape. She was spying on Elayne and Egwene and now knows they are scheming with Birgitte. Birgitte, then known as Teadra, once foiled her plot to take Lews Therin. She vows to deal with Elayne, Birgitte and Nynaeve.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because of her promise to Birgitte.
[#2] Plenty of foreshadowing here!
[#3] Elaida paring down her Council.
[#4] This misinformation is clearly the work of Rahvin. (TFoH,Prologue)
[#5] Ronde Macura

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