TEotW: Winternight

Rand POV#

Rand and Tam return to the farm, finish chores and prepare for the evening meal. Tam has numerous books including The Travels of Jain Farstrider. Tam brings out his heron-mark sword. Rand never knew Tam even owned a sword.[1] Their closest neighbor is Oren Dautry. Trollocs attack and Rand and Tam run from the house. Rand finds Tam wounded and feverish.[2] Tam tells Rand what he learned of Trollocs from other soldiers' stories. Rand takes the sword and goes back to the farm for the cart and supplies. In the house a Trolloc confronts him. Narg says a Myrddraal wants to talk to Rand. He tells Rand "Vlja daeg roghda," "Put sword down." Narg attacks but Rand kills him. Rand searches the house and barn but the Trollocs destroyed nearly everything. Their animals are all dead and Bela is missing. The cart is destroyed. He uses Tam's sword to cut staffs from the cart to make a travois for Tam. The sword is still razor sharp after hacking hard wood.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In fact, Tam participated in the Aiel War as a Second Captain in the Illianer Companions. (TPoD,Ch13)
[#2] Shadowspawn weapons are often tainted. Even a slight cut will eventually kill.
[#3] The first hint that this sword was crafted with the One Power.


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