TDR: Secrets

Egwene POV#

Egwene, Nynaeve, Mat, Elayne, Verin and Hurin approach Dragonmount after crossing the Caralain Grass. Egwene is riding Bela. Spring is just arriving. Egwene is anxious to get back to Tar Valon both to resume her training and to resume her testing with Anaiya. She has been dreaming about Rand running away from something and toward something.[1] She would like to see Galad again as well. Nynaeve makes a tart comment to her so she responds asking if Nynaeve thinks Moiraine is treating Lan well. Egwene asks if she thinks Rand and Perrin are well. Nynaeve says she feels a storm coming. Verin seems lost in thought. Elayne is watching Mat who has not waked in three days. He has the ruby dagger in its golden sheath.[2] Hurin also smells trouble. Egwene is constantly tempted to channel despite Sheriam's warnings on overuse.

Nynaeve sees riders and soon two dozen Whitecloaks approach. Verin tells them to let her handle it. They ride up and the young leader starts hassling them. Verin handles it until Elayne suddenly announces herself as Daughter-Heir of Andor and tells them they will have to answer to Queen Morgase. He tells them Morgase no longer supports the White Tower and that his captain, Eamon Valda, wants to speak to Elayne. Egwene cannot stand it any longer and channels causing the ground to explode. Elayne and Nynaeve join in. All of the Whitecloaks but their leader run. He says, "Go ahead. Kill me as you killed my father." Verin is furious telling Egwene that what she did is an abomination. Egwene then makes matters worse telling him they came from Falme. He shouts that Byar told him they killed his father. He yells, "My name is Dain Bornhald! Remember it, Darkfriends! I will make you fear my name!" They ignore him and ride on. Verin tells them that the real danger begins now.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Running from his pursuers and running toward Callandor.
[#2] This seems to be an error. When Rand took the Horn and ruby dagger (TGH,Ch19) Fain still had the sheath. The ruby dagger was still bare bladed when Mat took it from High Lord Turak's manor. (TGH,Ch45)

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