LoC: Fire and Spirit

Nynaeve POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve have been scrubbing pots for eleven days.[1] Nynaeve's weather sense says it should be storming. As she walks by the Little Tower she sees Jori, Morvrin's Warder, and Uno. Uno watches her and she is sure it is because Birgitte told him about her wanting to leave.

Inside, Areina and Nicola are sweeping. Romanda talks with two new arrivals, Adeleas and Vandene. Nynaeve is glad Myrelle is not there because she always gives her a hard time about her block. She asks Brendas about Siuan and Leane. Brendas tells her they are with the Sitters. Nynaeve is embarrassed because yesterday Theodrin got her drunk working on her block. Nynaeve bumps into Vandene on the way out and Vandene chastises her. Sheriam, Myrelle, Morvrin and Beonin come out of one meeting room and go into another. Myrelle looks sharply at Nynaeve.

Back outside the Little Tower, Nynaeve recalls that they met with the Wise Ones last night. She wonders if Egwene was with them.[2] Thom and Juilin finally return from their scouting mission. They have been away for weeks. Elayne runs up and greets Thom ecstatically. She is free this morning because she asked Calindin to take her novice class. Thom and Juilin just finished reporting to Sheriam. Niall is pulling back all his Whitecloaks except for a force on the Tarabon border. Ailron is pulling in his soldiers as well. Juilin comments how bad Tarabon must be for someone who does not know how to take care of herself.[3] Thom tells Elayne that rumor has Morgase in the Fortress of the Light. Elayne does not believe and says she has accepted the fact that her mother is dead. Tabitha comes up and tells Thom and Juilin that the Sitters are now ready for them. They were not supposed to leave the Little Tower.

After they leave, Elayne apologizes for laughing at Nynaeve when she got drunk. Nynaeve admits that it was her fault and it actually feels good. Elayne is not wearing the a'dam bracelet. Marigan said something derogatory within Birgitte's hearing and Birgitte beat her up. Nynaeve is frustrated with Moghedien's continued claim that she knows nothing of Healing. They have also made no progress on detecting a man channeling.[4]

Now that Thom and Juilin are back, Nynaeve wants to leave this night but Elayne refuses. With nothing else to do, Nynaeve goes to work on Logain some more and Elayne follows. She probes him a while with the One Power and detects a hole similar to what she found with Siuan and Leane. Using Fire and Spirit, Nynaeve patches the hole she feels. In a panic, she tells Elayne to get Sheriam. She has Healed Logain.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Making it ten days since LoC,Ch15.
[#2] She was not. (LoC,Ch27)
[#3] Another hint that he is sweet on Amathera.
[#4] Because this is a lie. The technique merely causes headaches.

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