LoC: The Wandering Woman

Mat POV#

Mat travels toward Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve. They are accompanied by Aviendha, Birgitte, Adeleas, Vandene, Jaem, Thom and Juilin. Olver is with them as well as Nalesean, Vanin, and a dozen Redarms including Harnan, Tad Kandel and Lawdrin Mendair.[1] Nerim and Lopin are Mat's and Nalesean's personal servants. Nynaeve and Elayne seem nervous. Olver does not like Birgitte because she hangs with Aviendha. Mat still thinks Birgitte is a Hunters of the Horn. The Aes Sedai send Jaem to scout ahead and Mat sends Vanin to do the same. Elayne asks Mat to let her study the foxhead medallion. He says no, but later feels the Aes Sedai channel at him.

On the third day they reach the first village. Nynaeve avoids Mat. That night at another village they stay at the village inn, The Marriage Knife. Thom knows a lot about Ebou Dar even though he has never been there. Nalesean has been there. Thom tells Mat that Birgitte is Elayne's Warder. She let it slip to Vandene and Adeleas. They are angry, but Jaem and Birgitte are now buddies.

The fourth evening they stay in The Southern Hoop in So Tehar. The Aes Sedai determine that they can throw stuff at Mat with the One Power and not set off the foxhead medallion.

On the fifth day they reach Ebou Dar. They arrive at Mol Hara Square and the Tarasin Palace, home of Queen Tylin Quintara of House Mitsobar where she rules from the Throne of the Winds. Mat feels the dice tumbling.[2] He does not want to stay in the palace, so he randomly chooses an inn across the square. The inn is The Wandering Woman. Thom and Juilin stay at the palace. Mat, Nalesean and their men move into the inn where Setalle Anan, the innkeeper, greets them. The dice have stopped.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Other Redarms with them are Belvyn, Lawtin, Corevin, Fergin, Gorderan, Metwyn, Wat and two unnamed. (ACoS,Ch28, ACoS,Ch37, ACoS,Ch38)
[#2] Indicating that a critical decision point has come and gone.

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