KoD: The House on Full Moon Street

Elayne POV#

Elayne meets with Sumeko and Alise late at night. Another Kinswoman was just murdered, the third in the last ten days and seven before that. Essande's niece Melfane is now Elayne's midwife. Elayne felt a jolt of pain in her bond to Rand[1] but he is back to stone. He is Traveling every day, southeast and far northwest.[2] Sumeko thinks she is now Eldest with Reanne gone but Alise argues there is no longer a Knitting Circle as they are no longer in Ebou Dar.

Deni enters with news that a Red Ajah sister is demanding an audience. Duhara Basaheen enters. She orders Sumeko and Alise to leave, but Elayne tells them to stay. Anyone from Elaida is unwelcome since she ordered Elayne's kidnapping. Duhara says Ronde Macura was flogged in front of her whole village as punishment. Elaida sent Duhara to be Elayne's advisor. Elaida accepts that Elayne was ordered to leave by Siuan Sanche, but Elayne still must return to the White Tower to complete her training. Elayne angrily says she was raised to the shawl by the Amyrlin Egwene al'Vere and admitted to the Green Ajah. She orders Duhara to leave the palace.

After she leaves, Sumeko and Alise still have no doubt that Elayne is Aes Sedai. They leave and Elayne tries to read herself to sleep, but Deni enters again. Master Norry has come with Hark. It is eleven days since she gave him his assignment. They enter and Hark reports that he followed Mellar to the same house three nights including this one. It is in the New City on Full Moon Street and belongs to Lady Shiaine Avarhin. There are two Aes Sedai there and one called the other Falion. The first matches Marillin by description. Falion has a Kandori accent while Marillin's is Caemlyn. Mellar returned and is now in his rooms. Elayne has Deni send for Birgitte, the Aes Sedai and their Warder as fast as possible. She also orders the arrest of Mellar.

Birgitte arrives, then Vandene and Jaem. Sareitha and Ned Yarman are next and Careane arrives last with Tavan, Cieryl and Venr Kosaan. Elayne explains the plan and they head down to the stables where fifty Guardswomen join them. Elayne rides Fireheart. Hark leads them through the Mondel Gate into the New City to the house. Jaem scouts the house and ties up the guard[3] who is drunk in the stable. Elayne links with Sareitha and Vandene links with Careane. Elayne then weaves Spirit to hide their ability to channel. They enter the back of the house. They find Falion and Marillin with Lady Shiaine. They shield the two Black Ajah and bind all three with Air.

Suddenly there are sparks around Elayne and the others and they lose saidar. Asne, Temaile Kinderode, Chesmal and Eldrith enter the room. Asne has a bent black rod that can kill or stun at a hundred paces. Shiaine asks why they came and if Moridin sent them. When Temaile says they only need Elayne, Marillin says to spare Careane as she is also Black. Vandene stabs Careane, a gift from Adeleas. Chesmal weaves Fire, Earth and Water and Sareitha and Vandene collapse, dead. Chesmal says the Warder will be coming now and Elayne hopes that Birgitte will run.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Losing his hand (KoD,Ch27)
[#2] Southeast is Tear. Far northwest must be Arad Doman.
[#3] Murellin

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