Season 1 - A Place of Safety

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - Knifed In The Pool#

Nynaeve is being dragged by her braid by a Trolloc. The Trolloc releases her and heads over to another Trolloc that is wounded. After a moment, the first Trolloc starts killing and eating the wounded Trolloc. Nynaeve gets up and runs away and the Trolloc pursues her. She makes it to the sacred pool and gets in the water. The Trolloc tries to find her and eventually enters the sacred pool. Nynaeve surfaces, takes the Trolloc's knife, and kills the Trolloc with it. She emerges from the pool with the knife, and flips her braid.

Scene 5 - You Actually Tried To Kill Me#

Switching back to outside Shadar Logoth, Nynaeve is holding the Trolloc knife to Lan's throat. She demands to know where her friends are and if they are alive. She accuses Moiraine of leaving them, but Lan says that was his choice. The confrontation continues until Nynaeve tries to kill Lan, but Lan disarms her and knocks her unconscious.

Scene 6 - Going Up#

Rand and Mat are climbing up a rocky mountain on the other side of the river from Shadar Logoth (seen in background). Rand is yelling out Egwene and Perrin's name in hopes that they'll hear him. Mat convinces Rand to stop yelling before something tries to kill them. Mat tries to convince Rand that they should head back to the Two Rivers, but Rand ends up convincing Mat that they should continue east to the White Tower because the Two Rivers would not be the same without the rest of their friends.

Scene 7 - In The Grass#

Perrin and Egwene are walking across the Caralain Grass during a strong wind. There are wolves howling not too far away and Egwene thinks they are following them. They find a small hollow and decide to stop there and make a fire to keep the wolves away. Perrin tries to start the fire with flint and knife, but struggles with it. He continues and then Egwene joins in, trying to start the fire with the One Power. The fire starts and both are unsure who started it. Perrin jokes that if it was her, could she also channel some water and food. They start wondering about the safety of the others. Egwene thinks that Rand will head back to the Two Rivers but Perrin tells her that Rand will be going wherever he thinks she is going.

Scene 8 - Tracking and Poultices#

Nynaeve is bound and gagged to a tree. Lan is tending to Moiraine, but she is not doing well. Lan approaches Nynaeve, ungags her and gives her some water to drink. Nynaeve convinces him to let her go so that she may help Moiraine. Nynaeve starts gathering ingredients for a poultice. She allows him to ask a question, and he asks how she tracked him from the Two Rivers. She declines to answer.[1] They return to Moiraine and Nynaeve prepares the poultice. Before she applies it, she warns Lan about it, referencing the Warder bond and how they can feel what the other feels.

Scene 9 - Nightmare At The Forge#

Perrin is having a nightmare. It's raining and thundering. He's back home in his bedroom. Laila is not in their bed.[2] He sees that the forge is lit, and goes into that room. He finds Laila's body leaning up against the forge, with a wolf eating her guts. Her head turns to him and she opens her white eyes and says "I know." He turns around and the man with the ember eyes[3] is right there. He immediately wakes up.

Scene 10 - Dodging Wolves#

Egwene wakes Perrin. The wolves are close. They take off running through some trees, trying to dodge the wolves. They emerge from the trees and the wolves stop at the treeline, but they keep running.

Scene 11 - Breen's Spring#

Rand and Mat are still climbing up a rocky mountain. Mat is getting cold and asks to switch coats. They crest a peak and see a stone canyon below them. There's a town, Breen's Spring, at the bottom. Outside of the town is an iron cage with a dead man inside.[4] Several arrows are stuck into the body. Mat notices that there's a crystal attached to the body.

Rand and Mat wander through the town until they find The Four Kings. The tavern owner, Dana, greets them. Rand asks if anyone else new has come into town and she replies that no one has except the gleeman. At that time, the gleeman, Thom sings a song for the crowd while playing his guitar. It's a depressing song and after he's done, Dana asks if anyone wants another drink. A bearded, hooded man bumps into Rand and Mat and then Thom bumps into him. Thom asks Rand and Mat for a "measure for the gleeman". Mat declines. Dana delivers two soups for the boys and a beer for Thom and wanting three coppers for it. Mat, saying they didn't order Thom's drink. Thom pays for his drink, and Rand for his soup, but Mat can't find his money. Thom pulls out Mat's pouch and pays for his soup and then says "You can't trust anyone in here" while looking back at the bearded, hooded man. Mat stands up to get his pouch back, then Thom stands, and a few others as well. Thom keeps the pouch, claiming it's a "life lesson" and then leaves.

Scene 12 - Tracks in the Grass#

Egwene and Perrin continue their trek across the Caralain Grass, with the wolves in the distance. They find wagon tracks and signs of lots of people and decide to follow them, since the tracks are headed east towards the White Tower. Egwene remarks that it seems like the wolves led them to these tracks. They look back again and the wolves are gone.

Scene 13 - Work for Your Room#

Rand and Mat talk to Dana about a room for the night. Dana says they can chop wood to pay for a room. After she leaves, Mat refuses to help, which turns into an argument about the whole purpose of their trip to the White Tower. Mat goes back into the tavern and asks Dana for something else he could do. She sets him to serving beers. Dana and Mat chat about where he is from and where he's going. He says he's from Baerlon and looking for a way back, by himself.

Scene 14 - Finding Help#

Nynaeve says that the poison in Moiraine's wound is unknown to her. Lan rides off to find help.

Scene 15 - Tuatha'an#

There is a fog bank ahead of Egwene and Perrin. Perrin says that he should go in first to see what's there but then she says that he doesn't have to protect her and that Laila's death was not his fault. They decide that they'll enter it together. A group of people, with leashed hounds, appear before and behind them. They ask if Egwene or Perrin know the song. They are confused, so one of the group helps them answer correctly. The leaders introduce themselves as Ila and Raen and the whole group leads Egwene and Perrin back to their camp, where they are provided with blankets and food. Egwene asks who they are, and they explain that they are the Tuatha'an.

Scene 16 - A Real Roof#

Dana comes out to check on Rand's progress and see that he's chopped more than enough. Dana says it's enough that they've earned a room with a real roof. She hints that she thinks Rand and Mat could be a couple, but Rand denies that.

Scene 17 - Red Tents#

Lan gallops to a point where he has a huge view of the valley below. He sees some red tents in a valley. He rides back and asks Nynaeve if Moiraine can ride. Nynaeve says that the poultice will do for another few hours.

Scene 18 - Aiel#

Mat walks up to the dead man in the cage, looking at the bright stone. Thom is walking up as well. Thom draws a dagger and asks what Mat is doing. Mat draws the ruby dagger and says that he could ask the same. Thom, passing Mat and heading to the man in the cage, says that he's here to bury that man. Thom identifies Mat as being from the Two Rivers and wonders how Mat could have seen Trollocs. Thom lowers the body and says he heard men in town bragging about killing an Aiel. Thom remarks that it's rare to see red heads outside of the Aiel Waste.[5] Thom talks about the Aiel and that they're only dangerous when they're veiled, which this one was not. Mat admits he's there to take the Aiel's money to help him get home and Thom turns around, telling Mat to tell him when he's done. Mat takes the stone and a carved statue of a dog. Thom and Mat start burying the Aiel man.

Scene 19 - The Braid#

Dana and Rand are chatting in his room. She tells him that Mat said they were from Baerlon and that he's heading back there. Rand says that he's from there as well, but he's heading east. Dana talks about how she's stuck where's she's at, but would like to get away. She'd like to see the Stone of Tear, or the Lion Throne of Caemlyn, a stedding or even a Trolloc. Rand says that his life used to be much clearer, but now he's confused as to what to do. Dana leans in for a kiss, but Rand leans back. She gets up and walks to the door, then shuts and locks it. She asks him "was it the hair?" and says it made her look too much like Egwene. Rand tries to get his sword, but Dana gets it first. She holds him at swords-length and says that she's waiting for Mat because she needs him also. Rand starts pounding on the door.

Scene 20 - Burial#

Thom and Mat have finished burying the body, with Thom saying "Rest, warrior of the Three-fold Land. May your soul find water and shade." Thom and Mat exchange their names and then Mat asks Thom if this means that Thom will give him his money back. Thom searches for Mat's pouch, but Mat already has it back. Thom walks back into town.

Scene 21 - An Ironwood Door#

Rand is still pounding on the door. Dana says that it's pointless because it's ironwood and that three men his size could not break it down. After slamming into the door six times, Rand slams into it hard enough to make the whole wall shake. The next time, he breaks the door down[6] and runs away. He sees Mat and they start running, with Dana in pursuit, holding Rand's sword. She finally corners them. She says that she sees "all five of you" in her dreams. She reveals that she's a Darkfriend and that she's proud that she's going to be the one that brings the Dragon Reborn to the Dark One. She says Darkfriends still remember the last person, Ishamael, that brought the Dragon to the Dark One 3,000 years ago. She further explains that the Dark One does not want to kill them, but wants them to join him in the breaking of the Wheel. She says that she's already called one of the Eyeless, and "you can't outrun a Fade." A thrown dagger from behind her pierces her throat and she falls dead. Thom appears from the shadows and gets his dagger. He tells them that he's headed east and they decide to join him.

Scene 22 - False Dragon#

Lan, holding Moiraine, is riding down a canyon path. Nynaeve, also on horseback, is leading Moiraine's horse. Lan stops his horse and wakes Moiraine. Nynaeve looks up and sees three mounted Aes Sedai on ledges, watching them, and Liandrin heading towards them on the path. Liandrin says that they captured a man who was calling himself the Dragon Reborn. Behind her are two Warder, then a wheeled cage with a man in the cage and two Aes Sedai seated behind the cage. As the procession approaches, the man in the cage stares defiantly at them.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] The answer is in Episode 108.
[2] Note the ember eyes outside the bedroom window.
[3] Ishamael
[4] An unidentified Aiel man. Note that the arrows probably were stuck into it after the body was put in the cage as part of some morbid target practice.
[5] Foreshadowing.
[6] Rand's first time channelling.
[7] The two warders are Maksim and Stepin. The man in the cage is Logain. The two seated Aes Sedai are Alanna and Kerene.