ToM: A Rabbit for Supper

Mat POV#

Mat steadies himself with his ashandarei as he hits the ground.[1] They are back outside the Tower of Ghenjei; he feared it might be Rhuidean. He does a victory dance then joins Thom and Moiraine. Mat was surprised to learn that Noal was actually Jain Farstrider but Thom seemed to already know. They move near the Arinelle River where they use Aludra's strikers to start a small fire. Moiraine tells some of her story. The Aelfinn and Eelfinn feed on emotion like a drug. She can still channel but she is now very weak in the One Power from their draining. They told her they killed Lanfear that way.[2] A man came one time, but said she was not the one he wanted.[3] She still has the ivory bracelet angreal, one of her three demands.[4] She offers to Heal Mat's pain but he refuses. He thinks talking with Moiraine feels as odd as talking with heroes like Jain Farstrider and Birgitte Silverbow. Moiraine says she must find Rand and asks after him. Mat sees him eating with Min.[1] Mat says that the taint is cleansed, per Verin. Moiraine smiles, citing:

  • By the Dragon came our pain, and by the Dragon was the wound repaired.[5]

He tells her that Elayne is now queen. Everyone thought that Rahvin killed Morgase but she is back now. Moiraine replies that he already told her about Rahvin.[6] Thom tells her that Mat married the Empress of Seanchan. Moiraine repeats that she needs to find Rand and Mat says he is going back to Caemlyn. Maybe Elayne can help. Mat is stunned when Thom and Moiraine express love for each other and agree to marry. He will also be her Warder. She hopes the right person has her previous Warder by now.[7] Mat hikes over to the river and makes a small cairn for Noal. He worries about his ability to fight with only one eye. On a whim, he tosses his knife behind him and skewers a rabbit. Looking back at the river he finds a copper cook pot that someone lost. His luck is as good as ever. Smiling, he thinks they will have rabbit for supper and Moiraine will have some tea.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Time runs differently in Finnland so we do not know if it has been minutes, hours or days. The image of Rand with Min is too vague to help with the timing.
[#2] Interesting. Lanfear apparently died, as she got a new body, but Cyndane is only slightly weakened in the One Power. Did the Aelfinn and Eelfinn lie to Moiraine or was most of Lanfear's strength restored when she became Cyndane? They lied. Moridin killed her. (AMoL,Prologue)
[#3] So who was he, Moridin or someone else? He did not want Moiraine. Was he looking for Lanfear? In any case it seems most likely that he was responsible for destroying the other twisted red doorway. (ToM,Ch55)
[#4] Even more interesting. What were her other two demands? And what were Lanfear's?
[#5] This sounds like the Karaethon Cycle.
[#6] Way back in TFoH,Ch51.
[#7] Indeed. Lan and Nynaeve are now married and bonded. (ToM,Ch20)

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