ToM: After the Taint

Perrin POV#

Perrin sets up camp on an elevated meadow along the Jehannah Road near an ancient statue with a blade thrust into the ground.[1] He walks through the camp with Elyas, Grady, Montem al'San and Azi al'Thone. Perrin regrets sending Gill and the other ahead but Elyas chides him for second guessing himself. They pass a guard post with Hu Barran and Darl Coplin. Last night Perrin had to wake Berin Thane. He and Jori Congar like to drink. Grady and Neald could attack the Whitecloaks to free Gill and the others but Perrin remembers the horror of Dumai's Wells.

Grady senses something and they walk to the Wise Ones' tents. Neald sits with Edarra and Masuri and there is a large gateway open. Neald says saidar is beautiful. He weaves saidin but strengthens the weaves with saidar. They will send the scouts to Cairhien soon. Grady wants to return to the Black Tower to visit his wife Sora and son Gadren. He is hopeful since the taint was cleansed. Tam joins them.

A Maiden runs up with news that a Whitecloak is riding to the camp with a truce flag. It is Dain Bornhald. After a couple of nasty remarks, he tells Perrin that the Lord Captain Commander wants to meet him. Perrin agrees to the meeting and asks for Grady, Gaul, Sulin and Edarra to come with him. Fortunately, Faile has not heard about this. The six of them walk a distance up the road and find a dozen Whitecloaks by a small tent. Their leader is quite handsome and smells better than the others.[2] Perrin demands his people back and the leader refuses unless they meet in battle. Perrin returns to his camp.

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Galad POV#

Galad did not believe Byar's insistence that Perrin is Shadowspawn, but he is now not sure. Bornhald is relieved, but Galad was confident that he would not be attacked. His mind is made up now. Perrin is dangerous and they must fight.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is the amahn'rukane that Rand describes to Nynaeve who passes it on to Cadsuane (TGS,Ch44)
[#2] This is the second reference to a smell of wrongness about Whitecloaks. (TEotW,Ch30)

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