Taringail Damodred

Pronunciation: TAH-rihn-gail DAH-moh-drehd

Son of Dalresin Damodred, nephew of Laman Damodred and half-brother of Moiraine Damodred. He married Tigraine and had a son, Galad. After Tigraine's disappearance and Mordrellen Mantear's death, he married Morgase Trakand and fathered Gawyn and Elayne. He was assassinated in 984 NE. His sign was a golden double-bitted battleaxe.

Physical Description#

His is tall and handsome and his hair has a slight wave to it. (TGS,Ch30)

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Other References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In New Spring
    1. NS,Ch6 - Following the death of King Laman, Taringail is not eligible for the Sun Throne as he is already married to the Queen of Andor.
    2. NS,Ch6 - Moiraine is Taringail's half-sister.
  2. In The Eye of the World
    1. TEotW,Ch34 - Almen Bunt tells Rand and Mat about Taringail.
  3. In The Dragon Reborn
    1. TDR,Ch46 - Gaebril encourages Morgase to use her marriage to Taringail Damodred to claim the Sun Throne.
  4. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch17 - Moiraine was Taringail's youngest half-sister.
  5. In The Fires of Heaven
    1. TFoH,Ch9 - When Nynaeve hassles Elayne about the way she treats Thom, she angrily retorts that her father was Taringail Damodred.
    2. TFoH,Ch16 - Elayne tells Nynaeve that Thom was Morgase' lover after her father died.
    3. TFoH,Ch19 - Recalling the men in her past, Morgase thinks she married Taringail only because of his previous marriage to Tigraine.
  6. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch16 - Lady Dyelin Taravin tells Rand the story of Tigraine disappearing leaving behind her husband, Taringail, and her infant son, Galad. Rand realizes this as the story of Shaiel, his true mother.
  7. In Winter's Heart
    1. WH,Ch9 - Elayne intends to claim the Sun Throne by right as the daughter of Taringail Damodred.
  8. In The Gathering Storm
    1. TGS,Ch30 - At the rebel Aes Sedai camp, Gawyn remembers his father's warning against pretty women and Aes Sedai.
  9. In Towers of Midnight
    1. ToM,Ch21 - Morgase is stunned to learn that -Lord Gaebril- was actually Rahvin. She thinks how she was used by men like Taringail and Valda.
    2. ToM,Ch44 - Morgase learned from Taringail that marriage is dangerous so she never made Thom or Bryne her official consort. Gaebril reinforced the danger.

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