TGS: Old Advice

Gawyn POV#

In the rebel Aes Sedai camp Gawyn remembers his father Taringail with Galad warning him against pretty women and Aes Sedai. He is arguing, again, with Lelaine about trying to rescue Egwene. Lelaine says she is not in danger as Elaida does not consider her a threat. Bullying Bryne as not worked either. Romanda gives him the same answer. Lelaine proceeds to question him about Elayne's policy on taxing House Traemane. Gawyn has no idea why.[1]

Gawyn rides Challenge to an army camp outpost to meet Bryne. They discuss the Younglings and Gawyn refuses to betray them. Gawyn still thinks Rand is a monster who must be killed.[2] Bryne asks Gawyn if he understands his true allegiances. Whom does he serve? Bryne was not sure himself when he was a captain in the Aiel War, but Laman got what he deserved. He then served Morgase but she failed him. He now serves the rebels because it is the right thing to do. Gawyn feels that something bad is coming, but he does not understand the different sides and does not know what to do.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Siuan planted the seed that Romanda is interested in Andoran politics. (TGS,Ch8)
[#2] Is Gawyn simply obsessed or has he had some persuasion in his opinion of Rand? All available information says that he is simply obsessed, stubborn and a bit envious.

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