TSR: Revelations in Tanchico

Elayne POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve are eating with Egeanin in the Three Plum Court. Rendra serves Domani cuisine, a fad that started in the Garden of Silver Breezes four days ago. There have been constant riots. The one two days ago came on a rumor that Maracru declared for the Dragon Reborn. This is Egeanin's fourth visit in the last seven days and they are becoming friends. They have been more or less trapped in the inn by the riots, so Thom and Juilin have been doing most of the searching. Bayle Domon enters without knocking and announces that he found the women. He recognizes Egeanin and she attacks him. Elayne binds both of them demanding to know what is going on. Bayle tells them Egeanin was the Seanchan captain who captured him at Falme. Despite their animosity, Egeanin and Bayle seem to admire each other.[1] They demand to know why she is here. Egeanin freely admits she is there to find deserting sul'dam. She says she found only one and released her last night.[2] Nynaeve changes the subject and asks Bayle what he found. He tells them the Black Ajah is in the Panarch's Palace. One of his men spotted Marillin and Asne there. His man was there delivering a gift of ice peppers to Amathera. Nynaeve is dubious because Jaichim Carridin and the Whitecloaks hold the Panarch's Palace. Juilin comes in and says he saw Rianna Andomeran and Jeaine at the Panarch's Palace. Thom comes in and announces that he found the Black Ajah at the Panarch's Palace as well. They discuss at length what they should do. The men go out to see if they can find out if Amathera is a Darkfriend. They track down all sorts of leads including a maid, Cerindra, who was fired for theft, but learn nothing. Juilin was almost robbed by a pale-haired man.[3] Eventually they all go to bed. Elayne and Nynaeve tie up Egeanin in their room. Nynaeve prepares to use the twisted ring as it is their planned night to meet Egwene. Nynaeve goes to sleep while Elayne keeps watch and plans.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Hinting at their future relationship.
[#2] So Bethamin is now free and on her own.
[#3] Undoubtedly the Seeker.

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