TSR: Care for the Living

Perrin POV#

Verin leads Stepper with Perrin aboard to the Winespring Inn. Dannil, Ban and the others follow behind. Perrin hears family member calling for their missing loved ones - Mistress Ahan looks for Kenley Ahan; Hu al'Dai calls for his son Bili al'Dai; Mistress al'Taron calls for Dael al'Taron. There are more calls for Hu, Jared Aydaer, Tim, Colly Garren, Teven Marwin, Haral and Had. At the inn, Perrin nearly falls from his saddle and three young men carry him in. Faile is very worried about him. Perrin is grateful when the door to the inn shuts off the voices. Gaul, Bain and Chiad follow them in.

Perrin recognizes the three young men as Dav Ayellin, Elam Dowtry and Ewin Finngar. Perrin asks about Loial. Dav says he is helping the clearing parties and that he saw Jaim Thane running to tell them. Elam Dowtry tells him that Luc is not there. Verin tells him that Luc was there yesterday and led a group of men that antagonized some Whitecloaks. They included Darl Coplin, Hari Coplin, Dag Coplin, Ewal Coplin and Wit Congar. The three young men ask Perrin about his adventures since he left. Tam and Abell arrive, then Loial arrives. Faile orders the three young men to leave and impatiently asks Verin where Alanna is. Verin says she will come.[1] Perrin tells Loial about the Waygate being open. Loial says it is his fault. He left both leaves because they will die if permanently removed. That would render the Waygate unusable. He cites Damelle daughter of Ala daughter of Soferra who wrote that it took thirteen Aes Sedai with a sa'angreal to actually destroy a Waygate about five hundred years after the Breaking. Loial says he will go to seal the Waygate but Perrin orders him not to. Alanna finally arrives with Marin al'Vere, Alsbet Luhhan and Ihvon and prepares to Heal Perrin. Everyone holds him down as Alanna removes the arrow and he blacks out from the pain.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Where is Alanna?

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