TSR: Into the Ways

Perrin POV#

Perrin and Gaul are packed and ready to leave. Gaul tells Perrin that Faile has been telling everyone she meets about their trip. They proceed to the stable by the Dragonwall Gate where Loial and Faile are waiting. Bain and Chiad agreed to accompany her. Perrin saddles Stepper. Faile checks out her horse, Swallow. Suddenly, the Stone of Tear rings like a bell and the floor shakes.[1] Perrin can feel Rand's ta'veren pull, but overcomes it. Perrin, Faile and Loial gallop east until they are in the countryside. A few minutes later the Aiel to catch up. They continue east, then south, until they reach the Waygate. Loial is angry that what was once a beautiful Ogier grove is now just pastureland. Loial opens the Waygate and Perrin urges Stepper through first. Gaul follows and tells him that Faile is angry. They proceed along the bridge to the first island.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rand smashing Callandor into the floor of the Heart of the Stone. (TSR,Ch21)

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