TSR: Within the Ways

Perrin POV#

Perrin on Stepper and Gaul are on the first island in the Ways. Loial, Faile on Swallow, Bain and Chiad arrive. Faile is furious at Perrin for taking the lead. She slaps him twice and punches him whereupon he paddles her. Perrin and Gaul then follow behind as Loial leads them through the Ways. Eventually Faile calls for them to join her. They have arrived at the last island before the Manetheren Waygate. At this point, Perrin smells an acrid scent and Trollocs attack. They kill several Trollocs and a Fade, then run for the Waygate. As they reach the Waygate, they hear Machin Shin coming. They hurry through the Waygate just as more Trollocs attack. Loial gets the Waygate closed, but before it closes completely they see the Trollocs swallowed by the Black Wind. Loial places both leaves on the outside of the Waygate so it cannot be opened from the inside. Perrin and the others are now high in the Mountains of Mist above the valley where the Manetherendrelle River flows. This was the site of Manetheren. Perrin sees a pair of hawks above the valley. One is killed by an arrow, then the other is attacked and killed by ravens. As they tend each other's wounds, Perrin tries to sense wolves in the area but there are none.[1]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The results of Slayer's activity.

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