TPoD: The Breaking Storm

Elayne POV#

They all go to the top of a nearby hill because it is easier to channel long distance if you can see long distance. Aviendha is upset with her failures and weaknesses.[1] Elayne gives the seated woman angreal to Aviendha, the bracelet and rings to Nynaeve and the amber turtle to Talaan. Nynaeve apologizes for acting foolish.[1] Thirteen women will form a circle around the Bowl - Talaan din Gelyn, Metarra din Junalle, Rainyn, Naime, Rysael, Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind, Caire din Gelyn Running Wave, Nynaeve, Elayne, Aviendha, Reanne, Kirstian and Garenia. Caire, who has studied Bowl lore, leads the circle. Nynaeve and Elayne teach the Windfinders how to link. The process of Linking is described in detail. Sareitha has studied Linking extensively. She implies that she and a few other sisters know how to bring men into a circle![2] Caire leads and activates the Bowl using all five Powers. The Bowl starts drawing even more saidar and also draws saidin! A huge column of both rises into the air. After they finish, they feel more saidar and see lightning in the direction of Ebou Dar. They think it is the Forsaken. They realize that Mat is trapped and they cannot go after him. Elayne thinks Tylin can take care of herself but she deeply regrets leaving Mat, Thom, Olver and Vanin behind.

They see a flying monster and kill it. Some think it is Shadowspawn but Elayne recognizes it as a raken and realizes that the Seanchan are coming. Holding saidar is the fastest way to learn a place so one can Travel. It takes only minutes.[3] They run for the farm so they can all escape.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Why are Aviendha and Nynaeve acting so oddly? Did the dull dagger have something to do with it? (TPoD,Ch4)
[#2] Cadsuane and her friends will teach the Asha'man. (WH,Ch35)
[#3] This explains how Lanfear could Travel from Rhuidean in TSR,Ch58 after being there only a short time.

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