TPoD: The Law

Egwene POV#

Egwene, Sheriam, Siuan and Bryne lead the Sitters back to the camp. They ride Daishar, Wing, Bela and Traveler respectively. Delana and Halima have a close conversation on the way back. Bryne confers with Uno. He assures Egwene that she has thirty thousand men behind her. Siuan and Sheriam learned nothing meaningful about the rumor of Aes Sedai and Tower Guards in Andor.

As soon as they arrive Sheriam, per Egwene's orders, calls for the Hall to sit. A pavilion is set up in the area normally reserved for Skimming to Salidar to pick up eyes-and-ears messages then Traveling back. While preparations are made Chesa brings Egwene and Siuan dinner. Thinking of Siuan and Bryne, Egwene recalls kissing Gawyn. Siuan says she has to stay near Bryne because of Min's viewing. Siuan recalls that Romanda wanted to be Amyrlin and retired because Tamra was chosen over her.

Sheriam comes to let them know the Hall is ready. She asks Egwene what is going on - why was she told to spend yesterday talking to the Sitters about Logain?

As soon as the meeting is started, Egwene interrupts Romanda and Lelaine and calls for a vote to declare war on Elaida. Lelaine and Romanda try to interrupt, but Egwene informs them that the Law of War now requires the Hall to follow strict rules. Janya asks Takima, an expert on law, to confirm this and she does. Egwene is relieved that Takima is cooperating.[1] She cites Logain again and reminds them that Pelivar, Arathelle and Aemlyn did not truly treat them like Sitters. Janya stands first and nine others follow. It appears that Egwene has lost, but Moria shouts at Lelaine about her lack of resolve. Lelaine and Lyrelle finally stand; the lesser consensus is achieved and war is declared. The full vote is as follows:[2]

Romanda again tries to interrupt, but Egwene calls on Takima[1] to cite the rest of the Law of War. Once war is declared, the Hall must approve all decrees by the Amyrlin. Egwene has won. Delana pukes. Egwene announces they will Travel in one month to begin the siege of Tar Valon. Egwene thinks she will be neither Gerra nor Shein. She will leave her own legacy.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is Takima's cooperation due to her conversation with Morvrin in TPoD,Ch16?
[#2] All of the Sitters newly chosen in Salidar not aligned with Lelaine or Romanda vote YES. Of the old Sitters, Janya, who goes her own way, votes YES. Magla, Saroiya and Varilin stick with Romanda and vote NO. Lyrelle stays with Lelaine voting YES, but Faiselle and Takima defy her voting NO. We learn some of the driving forces in this vote in TGS,Ch43.

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