TGS: Just Another Man

Rand POV#

Rand Travels to the gates of Ebou Dar. He spends the night at a Tinker camp outside the city and they are kind to him, giving him a cloak and a staff.[1] The TuathaAn have gathered near Ebou Dar because they feel safe. In the morning he enters the city to plan his attack but walks the streets instead. Instead of a conquered, oppressed city, he sees people who are happy going about their business. Ebou Dar is much better off than Bandar Eban. He thinks how he nearly killed Tam and cannot blame it on Semirhage, Lews Therin, or anyone but himself. He recalls how everyone, even Nynaeve is afraid of him. Lews Therin says death will be a mercy and he sounds a lot like Rand. He goes to the Tarasin Palace where the Daughter of the Nine Moons resides. He seizes saidin to balefire the palace with the access key, but the sickness comes on him so powerfully that he collapses. Kind, concerned citizens try to help him. In frustration and self-loathing, he opens a gateway and Skims on a black and white disk to the meadow where he fought the Seanchan with Callandor.[2] He stares for a long time then opens another gateway to the top of Dragonmount. The sky is clouded above him.[3] After weaving Air and Fire for warmth and breathing, he sits down to think.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Thus fulfilling Perrin's Dream of Rand in a rags and a rough cloak with a bandage on his eyes (TSR,Ch53) and Min's viewing of him with a beggar's staff. (TEotW,Ch15) The bandages symbolize his blindness to his own moral bankruptcy.
[#2] That was in TPoD,Ch24.
[#3] Dragonmount is miles high so its peak would be above normal clouds. This emphasizes the unnatural nature of them.

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