TGS: A Warp in the Air

Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane, Merise and Narishma walk though the manor to check on Rand. They are followed by Sorilea, Amys and other Wise Ones. Merise reports that Daigian is dead, but Nesune and Corele were left in a deep trance. Whoever freed Semirhage did not want to alert their Warder.[1] Maidens swarm outside Rands rooms. Sarene, Erian and Beldeine are inside; Elza is missing.[2] Min sits on the bed, pale and disheveled with a bruised neck.

Nynaeve watches Rand. Cadsuane is shocked by Rand; he is utterly unemotional, but there is a darkness about him. He shows Narishma how to make balefire. Cadsuane is angry, but Rand says it is needed to permanently kill Forsaken. Semirhage is dead. Cadsuane is further shocked to see the sad bracelets on the bed. Rand has her box, opened despite her wards. The access key is also gone.[3] For failing to keep the sad bracelets from Semirhage, Rand exiles Cadsuane on pain of death. The air seems to warp and the room appears darker.[4] Rand says that he can kill her simply by willing it and she believes him. Rand tells everyone in the room to prepare to leave.[5]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] How did Shaidar Haran know which Aes Sedai had Warder? At a signing, Brandon Sanderson stated that Shaidar Haran was working through Elza who was the source of some of his information. The experience for her was not pleasant.
[#2] She was killed with balefire along with Semirhage. (TGS,Ch22)
[#3] Rand has it. (TGS,Ch29) Curious that Shaidar Haran did not see fit to take it.
[#4] How strong is the Dark One's touch on Rand?
[#5] To move from eastern Arad Doman to Bandar Eban.

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