TGH: Disagreements

Rand POV#

Rand is riding Red heading to Falme with Mat, Perrin, Loial, Verin, Hurin, Ingtar and the Shienarans. They have been on Toman Head for three days looking for Fain's trail. They are still two days from Falme. Verin is completely lost in thought. Uno curses the weather. At a village, Atuan's Mill, they learned about the Seanchan. The Seanchan murdered many of the villagers. They wonder why Fain brought the Horn to Falme. Masema reports another deserted village ahead. They enter the inn and Ragan stables the horses. Ingtar and Verin argue. Verin is certain Fain is in Falme. Verin wants to head to Falme while Ingtar wants to quarter the area for Fain's trail. Rand feels pulled to Falme. He goes upstairs to sleep. He rolls over and sees Ba'alzamon holding the Dragon Banner.[1] He stands in a cloud of darkness. He burns are nearly healed. Ba'alzamon says he has faced Rand a thousand times. Rand channels at him but the One Power sinks into the black mist and vanishes.[2] Ba'alzamon again offers to teach Rand. When Rand looks again, Ba'alzamon is gone, his saddlebag is re-buckled, but there are burn marks on a chair where Ba'alzamon grasped it.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is not clear if this scene is real or if Ba'alzamon is in Rand's dream.
[#2] A manifestation of the True Power.

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