TGH: Five Will Ride Forth

Perrin POV#

Perrin, Mat and Hurin are in a village. They have been through several villages searching for Fain's trail. Hurin finally locates it. As they prepare to leave, a band of Whitecloaks ride into town. They hastily ride west. Perrin contacts some nearby wolves and identifies himself as Young Bull. The wolves report that the Whitecloaks are not following. They decide to follow the trail a bit longer, then report back to Ingtar and Verin.

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Geofram Bornhald POV#

In the village, Geofram Bornhald spots Perrin and recognizes him. He has a thousand men with him. Byar reports that the village is secure. Bornhald recalls losing fifty men in a skirmish with the Seanchan and that one of the two women they killed must have been Aes Sedai.[1] He does not expect to survive the coming conflict so he orders Byar to stay back, observe, and carry word to Dain Bornhald who is with Eamon Valda at Tar Valon, then to Pedron Niall in Amador. He tells Byar that he recognized Perrin.[2] He thinks the Aes Sedai are openly supporting the Seanchan. Unseen, a flying creature[3] and its rider watch from above.

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Rand POV#

Rand waits in the camp with Loial, Verin, Ingtar, Uno and the rest of the Shienarans. He is working sword forms. Verin is working out something. Hurin, Mat and Perrin return with news of Fain and the Whitecloaks. Ingtar says he will take some men into Falme to get the Horn. Hurin, Mat, Rand and Perrin volunteer. Uno and others volunteer as well, but Verin says five will go.[4] Verin implies that damane might detect a man channeling,[5] apparently a warning to Rand. The five prepare to ride to Falme. Ingtar orders Uno to have the others follow behind them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Actually a sul'dam and damane. Byar will report this to Pedron Niall as proof that the Seanchan are Darkfriends. (TDR,Prologue)
[#2] Convincing Jaret Byar that Perrin is responsible for betraying the Whitecloaks at Falme. (TDR,Prologue)
[#3] A raken.
[#4] Verin is thinking of the part of the Karaethon Cycle that says, "Five ride forth, four return. Above the watchers shall he proclaim himself, bannered cross the sky in fire." The same that Vandene cites to Moiraine in TGH,Ch22.
[#5] Women cannot detect men channeling at all. Is Verin just wrong or is she intentionally deceiving Rand?

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