TEotW: Out of the Woods

Rand POV#

The next morning Rand finally reaches the village and smells smoke. Emond's Field was also attacked by Trollocs and several houses were burned. He runs into Haral Luhhan who calls for Egwene. She takes him to Nynaeve. The Calder house is okay, but Berin Thane's (the miller's brother) and Abell Cauthon's houses are burned. Mat is okay. Nynaeve cannot help Tam so he takes Tam to the inn. Fain's wagon burned and he disappeared. Bela came to the village on her own. Thom and Bran help Rand bring Tam upstairs. Someone scrawled a Dragon's Fang on the inn door. Bran suspects Darl Coplin, a troublemaker. Thom subtly directs the conversation to Moiraine and Aes Sedai even though he mistrusts them. Bran notes that Moiraine and her balls of fire and Lan and his sword saved the village. Rand goes to ask Moiraine to Heal Tam. Lan picks a red trident pin off a Trolloc and says he was of the Ko'bal band. That makes seven different bands. There were about a hundred, a fist. Moiraine asks Rand about his dreams and says she can help if they are bad. Both Thom and Moiraine already respect Nynaeve. Moiraine has an angreal. She agrees to try to help Tam. Moiraine tells Lan they have a small reason to celebrate.[1]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Finding Rand?


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