TDR: The Red Sister

Egwene POV#

Elaida enters Nynaeve's room where she is talking with Elayne and Egwene. Elaida hints that they may be associated with Liandrin and the Black Ajah[1] because of their disappearance and says she will help them if they tell all. Egwene waffles and says they went to help Mat, but Nynaeve is firm and says Siuan told them not to talk about it. Elaida is particularly angry at Elayne for upsetting the relationship between Tar Valon and Andor.[2] She then starts quizzing them about Rand. Sheriam enters and sides with the girls. Elaida leaves. When Nynaeve asks about the Gray Man again, Sheriam angrily notes that they must have told Elayne about him. She says only seven people in the White Tower know that a man died, and that includes the two workmen who carried him out. Nynaeve again asks about the additional person who killed the Gray Man.[3] Sheriam tells them it is none of their affair and orders them to follow her to Mat's Healing. Egwene nervously wonders if Sheriam's odd behavior might mean she is Black Ajah.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] There is a bit of a disconnect here. Elaida seems clear that Liandrin and her cohorts are Black Ajah, yet in CoT,Prologue Yukiri, another Sitter, seems surprised to learn that Temaile is Black Ajah.
[#2] Actually her concern is her Foretelling, which she interprets to mean that Elayne is the key to the Last Battle.
[#3] The seven are Sheriam, the three girls, the two men and Siuan. The statement may still be technically true if either Sheriam is the killer or if the killer is no longer in the White Tower. She did, indeed, tell Siuan about the Gray Man. (TDR,Ch29)

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