LoC: To Understand a Message

Graendal POV#

Graendal visits Sammael in Illian. Sammael has an Age of Legends type room set up complete with air exchanger, glowbulbs, music box, art works such as Ceran Tol's "Tempo of Infinity" and a zara board. Sammael admits that all the stuff came from stasis box. She admits that she also found one, but it only contained junk and streith. She is convinced that Sammael's contained something else.[1] Aginor made cafar, jumara and the gholam. There are jumara loose in the Blight where they are known as Worms. Graendal nearly had fatal experience with one of Aginor's creations. Sammael seems happy and smiling. Sammael says he is about to get a cache of angreal.[2] He claims he has a truce with Rand. Graendal heard that Rand killed his messenger.[3] Sammael says the way Andris died gave him the answer.[4] Graendal responds that she has seen his army in Tear.[3] Two of her spies told her he wants to kill Sammael because Sammael killed some Maidens.[3] Sammael seems truly puzzled by this concept. A cosa was a small animal from the Age of Legends. He says he plans to stand aside while Rand takes out all the other Chosen, including her. He says he knows what Demandred is doing, but not where he is hiding. He asks her where Demandred, Mesaana, Semirhage, Asmodean, Lanfear and Moghedien are. She says Asmodean and Lanfear are dead.[5] Moghedien probably is, too. Mesaana is in the White Tower. She does not know about Demandred and Semirhage. She is angry and shamed at being forced to work with him, but she is afraid to face Rand directly after he took out Ishamael and Rahvin. She thinks the Great Lord has promised to make Sammael Nae'blis. He tells her to find the others.

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Sammael POV#

After Graendal, leaves Sammael relaxes. His jaw aches from holding that false smile. He thinks he is manipulating her, that she does not know his real purpose. He now knows Mesaana is in the White Tower. He plans to be the only one left on Day of Return to fight the Dragon Reborn.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The gholam?
[#2] This must be the stash in Ebou Dar.
[#3] So Graendal has a spy close to Rand and keeps tabs on his army.
[#4] Rand's answer was no truce with the Shadow. (LoC,Ch16) Is Sammael lying or did he misinterpret his emissary's death? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.1.4.
[#5] This blunt assertion that Asmodean is dead is used by many in the argument that she killed him.
[#6] What is his plan, and has he really fooled Graendal?

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