NS: Into Canluum

Lan POV#

It is early spring[1] as Lan and Bukama arrive at the city of Canluum in Kandor. There are rumors of a man who can channel.[2] Lan's horse is Cat Dancer. Their hadori draw attention from passersby. Lan has thoughts only for the Blight where he is headed. They have been in Cairhien, Andor and Tear since the end of the Aiel War. The ruler of Canluum is Lord Varan Marcasiev; his banner is the Red Stag. At the city gate, a young guard[3] addresses Lan as Tai'shar Malkier, true blood of Malkier, but Bukama lights into him for cutting his hair wrong and swearing to a Kandori lord. The other guards take notice of the altercation until an older guard, Alin Seroku appears. He also addresses Lan formally as son of el'Leanna and al'Akir. Bukama backs down and swears to keep the peace. The old guard again addresses them formally as Lan Mandragoran Dai Shan and Bukama Marenellin, hero of Salmarna.[4] They ride into Canluum heading toward the Lord's castle on Stag's Stand, the highest peak in the city. Bukama leads Sun Lance because of a bruised hoof. There are several Aes Sedai around, more than normal since the previous Amyrlin died.[5] They see another man from Malkier, Nazar Kurenin who now dresses in Kandori style. Malkier women wear a ki'sain, a dot of paint on their forehead to show their marital status. Worried about Bukama's reaction to all the displaced Malkier, Lan heads them to a quiet inn instead of the palace.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Three months since Moiraine left Tar Valon. (NS,Ch17)
[#2] Is this rumor somehow related to the Black Ajah hunt for the Dragon Reborn, not knowing how old he is?
[#3] His name is Andere. (ToM,Ch7)
[#4] There is no information on where Salmarna is or what Bukama did there to become a hero.
[#5] Interesting observation, as there is no indication that Sierin Vayu is actually sending them out. Are there that many Black Ajah at work?

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