TSR: Beyond the Oak

Perrin POV#

Perrin continues to cry thinking of his father and mother, Adora, Deselle and Paet. When he looks up, he and Faile are alone except for Scratch, the cat. He agrees that turning himself in would accomplish nothing. He must figure out how to help Rand's and Mat's families and the Luhhans. He thinks that maybe Lord Luc will have some ideas and is grateful that the Waygate is blocked.[1] Bran enters and tells them that Loial is in the kitchen. They go to the kitchen where Loial offers his condolences. Loial, Gaul, Bain and Chiad agree to fight the Whitecloaks and Trollocs. They plan to find Tam and Abell as well. Marin agrees to take them to the old sickhouse in the Westwood where they can stay. The "new" sickhouse has been east of Master Thane's mill since Perrin was a boy. They run into Cenn Buie in the stable. Marin tells him she will sic Daise Congar on him if he talks. She also reminds him that Corin Ayellin has been after him for the poor job he did on her roof.

They head into the woods and soon are confronted by two Warder. Marin, clearly expecting them, tells Perrin that only the Women's Circle knows that there are Aes Sedai here. She identifies the Warder as Tomas and Ihvon. Ihvon leaves to report their presence. Marin says that the Aes Sedai were at Watch Hill when the Whitecloaks came. They wait for Ihvon to return.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It will be opened again. (TSR,Ch42)

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