TSR: Reflection

Perrin POV#

Perrin and Faile are walking to Rand's quarters in the Stone of Tear. Faile still does not know about him being a Wolfbrother. They encounter High Lord Torean and two guards looking fearfully in the direction of Rand's quarters. Torean smells of fear and too-sweet perfume. A moment later, Berelain comes out of Rand's quarters almost running. She smells of stark terror. Faile mistakes Perrin's stare.[1] Perrin hears Berelain talk with Torean down the corridor. Faile goes on to bed while Perrin continues to visit Rand. Six Maidens including Bain and Chiad guard the anteroom.[2] He enters, takes one look at the blood and broken glass, and then yells for them to get Moiraine. Perrin tells Rand he was almost killed. Rand tells Perrin he did not do it; it was one of the Forsaken. They both wonder if Mat is all right. Rhuarc enters, saying Berelain told him what happened. Moiraine and Lan enter.[3] Moiraine says it was not the Forsaken; it was a bubble of evil. The weakening of the Dark One's prison is allowing bubbles of evil to leak out and they are attracted to ta'veren. Moiraine Heals Rand and he nearly collapses. The wound in his side does not heal and he cites the Prophecies of the Dragon:

  • "His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, washing away the Shadow, sacrifice for man's salvation."

Moiraine continues to push Rand to decide what to do, but he will not be pressured. Bain and Chiad bring a basin of water to clean him up and everyone else leaves. Outside, Perrin and Rhuarc compare notes on the Dragon Reborn versus He Who Comes With the Dawn. The Prophecies of the Dragon and Aiel prophecy are different. Rand still has things he must do before the Aiel are sure that he is He Who Comes With the Dawn. As Perrin heads for his room he thinks he must convince Faile to leave.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is the start of Faile's jealousy of Berelain.
[#2] Another is Careen. (TSR,Ch5)
[#3] Elayne also came with Moiraine and Lan, but stayed outside. (TSR,Ch6)

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