The Aiel Prophecies concern the coming of their Car'a'carn, He Who Comes With the Dawn. See the FAQ, Section 4.3 for interpretations of Aiel Prophecies.


  • "When the Trollocs come out of the Blight again, we will leave the Three-fold Land and take back our places of old."
  • "One of the old prophecies says that if ever we fail the Aes Sedai again, they will slay us."
  • "We will know him when we see him, for he will be marked. He will come from the west, beyond the Spine of the World, but be of our blood. He will go to Rhuidean, and lead us out of the Three-fold Land. Under this sign (the ancient Aes Sedai symbol) he will conquer."


  • "Prophecy says when the Stone of Tear falls, we will leave the Three-fold Land at last. It says we will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost."


  • Aiel prophecy says he was born of Far Dareis Mai. "Blood of our blood mixed with the old blood, raised by an ancient blood not ours."


  • "The stone that never falls will fall to announce his coming. Of the blood, but not raised by the blood, he will come from Rhuidean at dawn, and tie you together with bonds you cannot break. He will take you back, and he will destroy you."


  • "He shall spill out the blood of those who call themselves Aiel as water on sand, and he shall break them as dried twigs, yet the remnant of a remnant shall he save, and they shall live."