TSR: The Wavedancer

Elayne POV#

Elayne and Nynaeve take a carriage down to the docks of Tear. The River Erinin River is nearby. They head down the dock to the Sea Folk ship Wavedancer. They meet Coine din Jubai Wild Winds the Sailmistress and Jorin din Jubai White Wing the Windfinder. They introduce themselves as Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.[1] Coine leads them to her cabin where they discuss the gift of passage. Elayne recognizes a Seanchan helmet sitting on a desk. The helmet reminds Coine of an encounter they had with the Seanchan. A young woman named Dorele comes in, bare to the waist, and serves tea. Coine chastises her and then sends her to work in the bilge. Nynaeve offers three thousand gold crowns for passage to Tanchico. Coine mentions that Aes Sedai are usually refused the gift of passage. Nynaeve asks why they were brought below, instead of being refused up on deck. Coine explains the Jendai Prophecy and the Coramoor. Coine wants to know why they want to go to Tanchico. She docked there last winter and everyone else wants to leave there. Elayne finally tells her that they are hunting for the Black Ajah who might harm the Coramoor. Jorin decides that they must go.[2] Coine's husband, Toram enters and tells Coine about a trade he is planning. He is the Cargomaster. Coine tells him that they are going to Tanchico. Toram is angered because they were planning to sail to Mayene and then on to Shara. This ruins his plans. As he leaves, he salutes Coine as a deckhand would. Coine gives the letter of rights back to Nynaeve and says that she will pay for the gift of passage out of her own purse.

At that time, Wavedancer starts leaping and pounding against the dock. Coine and Jorin scramble up the ladder to see what happened.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] An odd choice for Nynaeve. She was studying with the Yellow Ajah at the White Tower (TFoH,Ch9) and will later choose the Yellow in Salidar.
[#2] It is Jorin's decision because, as one who can channel, she is the one taking the risk by letting Aes Sedai on board. (TSR,Ch20)
[#3] This is in response to what Rand does in TSR,Ch21.

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