TSR: Customs of Mayene

Perrin POV#

After Mat leaves, Perrin continues to pack. His shoulder is badly bruised from a Trolloc's axe earlier in the evening, but Faile saved him from much worse. He plans to talk to Loial first thing in the morning. Berelain enters without knocking. She tells him tonight convinced her. She is leaving for Godan, then Mayene in the morning. She expects him to take the message to Rand for her[1] but he refuses. He tells her he is leaving tomorrow for the Two Rivers. She flirts with him and continues when Faile enters the room. Berelain leaves. Perrin tells Faile that he and Loial are going alone and plan to take the Ways. He hopes Moiraine does not find out, but he will leave anyway. Faile gets angry about him wanting to go without her. Painfully, Perrin flaunts Berelain at her. Even angrier, she leaves. Perrin is full of grief, but he wants Faile away from him because he expects to die.

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Faile POV#

Faile runs after Berelain and confronts her. Faile pulls a knife, but Berelain throws her to the floor. Berelain says she will take Perrin and gives Ogier's oath on it. Faile starts to attack again, but Rhuarc appears and breaks it up. He sends Berelain to her room with the threat of repeating their first conversation.[2] He then takes Faile's knives as punishment. As she walks away, Faile recalls Berelain saying, "Ogier's oath." She is happy, because that gives her the key to making Perrin hers.[3]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Berelain is still terrified of Rand.
[#2] When Berelain ran into Rhuarc after she was terrified by the bubble of evil in Rand's quarters.
[#3] And she uses it in TSR,Ch16.

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