TGH: Flight from the White Tower

Egwene POV#

That evening Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve and Min leave the White Tower. They pass Takima of the Brown Ajah who teaches history. They also pass Irella dragging a red-faced Else Grinwell by the ear. They pick up their horses, including Bela, at the stable then they leave through Tarlomen's Gate in the White Tower's south wall. Liandrin meets them at the Ogier grove and is furious that Elayne and Min are there. She says she had made arrangements "to take care of" Elayne and Min.[1] She leads them to the Waygate. Elayne says that Elaida taught her a little of the Ways. Egwene can sense saidar and the taint of the Ways as well. They travel through the Ways for two days. When Egwene worries about the Black Wind, Liandrin says she can deal with it. "Moiraine does not know so much as she thinks."[2] During the first night, Egwene again dreams of the man with eyes of fire.[3] He no longer wears a mask and his face is a mass of nearly healed burns. He only looks at her and laughs. They finally arrive at the Waygate on Toman Head.

More Egwene POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Undoubtedly lethal arrangements.
[#2] Is she just blowing smoke or does she really have some measure of control over the Black Wind?
[#3] Ishamael

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