TFoH: Performances in Samara

Nynaeve POV#

The circus has paraded through Samara and set up camp in a meadow a half mile from town. Nynaeve is in the wagon with Birgitte who now has a red dress, too. Birgitte is furious with Nynaeve for being so subservient. She tries to goad Nynaeve into anger. She says her few woman friends usually have tempers like snowghosts.[1] Clarine told her about Nynaeve's run-in with Cerandin, so she tells Nynaeve she might ask Latelle for a switch. Nynaeve stalks out in fury and enters the circus. Cerandin, Latelle, Clarine, Petra and the Chavanas are all performing. Thom is juggling. Juilin and Elayne do their high rope act while Luca watches. Elayne is so good that she no longer uses the One Power for safety. Nynaeve recognizes Uno in the crowd and follows him out of the circus.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Some vile creature from a different Age.

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