TEotW: The Wheel Turns

Rand POV#

The next morning the Green Man's garden is dying. Moiraine is still too weak to ride so they hang a litter between Bela and Aldieb. Loial sings the big oak back to health. The Blight is much weaker. They camp for the night and the girls help Moiraine set the wards. The next morning they cross the border of the Blight and see that spring has come. They arrive at Fal Dara and hear there was victory at Tarwin's Gap. Ingtar is disgruntled that he missed the battle. He takes them to Agelmar and leaves. During the battle, Agelmar saw Rand channeling. He tells Moiraine that Padan Fain is still secure. She tells him they won, too, but the Green Man is dead and the Eye of the World is gone. She shows Agelmar the Horn of Valere and asks for an escort to take it to Illian.

Seven days later Lan is teaching Rand how to use his sword. He tells Lan he still intends to go away. Egwene walks up as Lan leaves. Moiraine has been ignoring Rand. He tells Egwene he is going away. She asks him to come to Tar Valon with her and Nynaeve, but he refuses. Rand says he will not touch the One Power again, "Not if I have to cut my hand off, first."[1] He wants to go home to Tam, but he will never go home again.

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Moiraine POV#

She uses her kesiera to focus her eavesdropping on Rand and Egwene. She says, "The Prophecies will be fulfilled. The Dragon is Reborn."

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Foreshadowing of KoD,Ch27?

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