TGH: The Flame of Tar Valon

Rand POV#

It is early summer. A wind blows out of the Mountains of Dhoom, across the Blight and to Fal Dara where Lan and Rand are practicing swords on top of one of the towers. The wind seems to turn solid and throws Rand into Lan's practice sword injuring him.[1] It has been a month since Rand meant to leave. Lan tells Rand his sword is One Power wrought.[2] Rand finally admits that he has stayed because of Moiraine, but she will not talk to him. In fact she disappeared. Lan tells him she returned last night.[3] They hear drums. Lan says it is the Amyrlin and other Aes Sedai. He says Ingtar is also with them.[4] Lan and Rand go back inside the keep.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Per Robert Jordan this is the one of the first bubbles of evil, a smaller version of the ones that hit the Stone of Tear in TSR,Ch2.
[#2] Lan's sword is also One Power wrought. (TEotW,Ch47, NS,Ch1)
[#3] How long was she gone and where did she go?
[#4] Why is Ingtar with them?

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