LoC: The Taking

Rand POV#

The next morning Sulin helps Rand into his red silk coat.[1] Lews Therin says he will kill Demandred first then Sammael. Demandred wanted Ilyena. Rand is concerned that Min is not there yet. She is at the Wise Ones' tents with Sorilea. He wants her to view the Aes Sedai when he meets with them. He sends Sulin to the Wise Ones' tents to find her. He can feel that Alanna is another day closer.

Rand goes to the Grand Hall and soon Chiad enters to announce the Aes Sedai. Coiren, Galina, and Katerine enter accompanied by a dozen serving girls with treasure chests. Rand feels himself shielded and realizes the serving girls are really Aes Sedai. Five are too young to look ageless[2] and the rest kept their heads down. Lews Therin flees screaming. Galina takes over and tells Katerine to take the Dragon Scepter as a souvenir.

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Bain POV#

As the Aes Sedai leave the Grand Hall, Galina tells Bain that Rand has left. She and Chiad go to look for him but cannot find him.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin watches as Faile and Loial play stones. He decided to stay by her side today hoping that Berelain will stay away, but Faile still ignores him. Nandera enters looking for Rand. She tells Perrin that he sometimes disappears like this.

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Rand POV#

Rand is in a small room that is really a cage.[3] He has been there long enough to feel hungry. He is still sore from being carried in one of the treasure chests. Galina arrives with a servant bringing him food. There are six Aes Sedai holding his shield. There are twelve in total who rotate, all new faces to him. He can feel six soft points on the shield. He chides himself for forgetting Moiraine's advice and letting Aes Sedai get too close to him. He hopes Amys or Bair[4] or some other Wise One who can channel will happen by and notice all the channeling going on in the house.

Sorilea POV#

Sorilea can detect channeling at the house where the Aes Sedai are staying, but she pays it no mind as there is always channeling going on in there.[5] She is the oldest living Wise One. She suspects something is wrong. Min vanished on her way from the tents to the Sun Palace[6] and Sorilea does not like coincidences.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Presumably he has the little fat man angreal in his coat pocket as usual.
[#2] Three of the five are Janine Pavlara, Beldeine Nyram and Marith Riven. (ACoS,Ch1)
[#3] The text does not say whether or not he still has his coat.
[#4] Bair cannot channel. Does Rand not know this or did Robert Jordan make a slip?
[#5] Excellent planning on the part of the Aes Sedai so that the Wise Ones will not suspect that they are actually shielding Rand in Lady Arilyn's palace.
[#6] The Aes Sedai took her, too, but why? There is no indication that they know about her ability.

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