CoT: Traps

Faile POV#

On her way to do laundry, Faile reports to Someryn about Sevanna's doings. There are ten septs, about seventy thousand Shaido, with as many gai'shain in the camp. As she finishes speaking, Someryn stares in stunned silence. Alarys and Jesain stare in the same direction.[1] Masalin seems unaffected, but she cannot channel. Someryn recovers and cuffs Faile sending her on her way.

The city is Malden in far north Altara. The Shaido camped here four days ago. She passes Chiad who reports that she and Bain helped Lacile and Arrela escape three days ago. Faile plans to escape as well. Chiad and Bain will not try to escape themselves as it would violate ji'e'toh. Malden has an ample water supply. A huge warrior named Nadric accosts Faile and starts to carry her off, but Rolan rescues her. He still considers her his gai'shain and he likes her. He is Mera'din, Brotherless. She gathers her spilled laundry and he helps carry the basket. He says he would like to make her laugh. She takes the laundry to the north end of the city where a huge cistern is fed by the aqueduct. She considered escaping through the aqueduct, but she would freeze to death from the cold. Alliandre is there also doing laundry. Maighdin is trying to sneak into Therava's tent. Galina arrives. Alliandre tells her that Maighdin is even now getting her ivory rod.[2] Maighdin arrives. Therava caught her and punished her for attempted theft. Galina starts berating Maighdin, but Aravine Carnel, another gai'shain, intervenes. She summons Faile to Sevanna. On the way they pass Arrela and Lacile. There were recaptured and are now naked and hog-tied. Aravine knows Faile's full name, having overhead Galina, and pledges herself to Faile. She wants to be part of the escape plan. She seems to be an ex-noble of some sort.[3] At Sevanna's tent, Sevanna argues with Therava. Therava wants to flee east because of the powerful, unknown channeling. Sevanna decides to stay put in the rich city. Galina found a knife that Faile stole and brought it to Sevanna. As punishment she has Faile stripped and hog-tied for the night. Rolan shows up with a brazier to warm her. He also massages her knotted muscles. Faile laughs knowing she will escape somehow.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In the direction of Shadar Logoth, Rand and Nynaeve.
[#2] Galina is blackmailing them to steal the Oath Rod that Therava has.
[#3] Is there more to Aravine than meets the eye?

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