ACoS: Old Fear, and New Fear

Perrin POV#

Rand leaves with Annoura, Min, Loial, Nurelle and the rest to find Berelain. Perrin, Faile, Aram and Dobraine are left behind. Faile feared Perrin and the others were under Aes Sedai control. She gives historical examples, Mashera Donavelle, Isebaille Tobanyi, Jestian Redhill. Faile subtly suggests killing Colavaere but Dobraine just as subtly refuses. Perrin catches on and also refuses to kill her.

He sends Aram to bring Dannil and the other Two Rivers men. He and Faile go to their quarters leaving Dobraine with Colavaere who is still unconscious. Selande and her group try to follow. They gawk at Perrin when they tell him to leave, but respond quickly to Faile.[1] Colavaere gladly took Faile as an attendant because of the status of her father Davram Bashere, High Seat of House Bashere, Lord of Bashere, Tyr and Sidona. and her cousin Queen Tenobia. They have wine from Tharon.

Faile is still jealous, but finally Perrin gets mad and everything is okay. He says he will die if anything happens to her. She says no, her soul will haunt his if he does.[2] Rand bursts in leaving Min, Sulin and other Maidens outside. Berelain is staying on Sea Folk ship for some reason. Rand often pauses as though he is listening to someone.[3] Rand asks and Perrin refuses to command the army against Illian. Perrin is adamant about not harming the prisoners. Rand says he won't harm any Aes Sedai who does not deserve it. He says he can use Perrin elsewhere in a day or two.[4] Rand leaves Perrin and Faile alone.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Indicating that Cha Faile has formed.
[#2] Is this foreshadowing of bad things to come?
[#3] Conversing with Lews Therin.
[#4] This is probably the trip to Ghealdan to neutralize the Prophet in ACoS,Ch27.

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