WH: What a Veil Hides

Tuon POV#

Tuon is in her cabin in the Victory of Kidron. Selucia, Tuon's so'jhin and chief maid, shaves her head then dresses her. In secret, Selucia is also a trained fighter and her bodyguard. Tuon sees an albatross, an omen of victory. Omens are the same whether in Imfaral or Noren M'Shar.[1] Selucia was a cradle-gift to Tuon. Tuon wishes she were more impressive. Two of her siblings are dead and two more disgraced and made da'covale. Anath is Tuon's Soe'feia or Truthspeaker. Her previous Truthspeaker, Neferi, died in a fall two years ago. For some reason, the Empress named Anath instead of Neferi's planned successor.[2] Tuon asks for a veil instead of her lace cap. This marks her as just one of the Blood, not the Daughter of the Nine Moons. That is because she ordered a damane beaten last night and now regrets it. She feels almost sei'mosiev and must make amends to restore sei'taer.

She goes to the second cabin where six of her damane and their sul'dam await. She tells Ianelle to give treats to Lidya, the damane she had beaten. She ordered Lidya to tell her future and did not like what she heard.[3] The other damane are Dali, Dani, Charral, Sera and Mylen. Mylen was Aes Sedai.[4] Tuon bought her at Shon Kifar and trained her herself;[5] she was especially difficult and nearly died.[6] Catrona now holds her leash.

As Tuon leaves her cabins, Musenge, captain of Deathwatch Guards, notes her veil and assigns only two guards. Deathwatch Guard armor is lacquered blood red and nearly black green.[7] There are also a dozen Ogier Gardeners standing guard. Yuril, her secretary, bows. He is also her Hand, in charge of her Seekers. Ronde Macura prostrates herself. In Tanchico she begged to be taken into service and provides lots of information about the Aes Sedai she hates.

Tuon goes to the quarterdeck where Captain Tehan and Anath are. Anath chides Tuon for wearing the veil over a little thing like beating Lidya. She continues berating Tuon viciously. Tuon recalls that Algwyn, the last man to sit on the Crystal Throne almost a thousand years ago, let his Soe'feia get away with slapping him in public. Tuon tells Anath that she does not need a penance. Anath's last penance left Tuon crying for days.

Tuon says that High Lady Suroth is to be commended for her success, but she is to be watched for ambition. Anath says she is sure Suroth is loyal. Tuon then says that she must make contact with the Dragon Reborn so that he can kneel before the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don according to the Prophecies of the Dragon.[8] Anath is pleased and tells Tuon to be careful not to let him learn how dangerous she is to him.[9] They approach the harbor of Ebou Dar.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Evidently two diverse places in Seanchan.
[#2] Anath is actually Semirhage.
[#3] Lidya apparently has the Foretelling. The details of her Foretelling are finally revealed in KoD,Ch36.
[#4] Mylen's real name is Sheraine Caminelle. (WH,Ch19)
[#5] Indicating that Tuon has the latent ability to channel.
[#6] The death of her Warder was a contributing factor. (TGH,Ch43)
[#7] "Nearly black green" sounds exactly like Charleston Green, a paint color commonly used in Charleston, South Carolina, Robert Jordan's home!
[#8] This quote is from the Essanik Cycle, a different set of prophecies from Seanchan.
[#9] This can only mean the sad bracelets that High Lady Suroth now has. (WH,Ch21)

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