TSR: The Tinker's Sword

Perrin POV#

Perrin and Faile gallop to the Old Road to see what the commotion is. Cenn Buie, Hari Coplin, Darl Coplin, Bili Congar and Wit Congar tell Perrin the Trollocs attacked there as well. Perrin takes a closer look and sees that it is really just the band of TuathaAn. Perrin is chilled as he sees there are only about twenty of them left. Raen, Ila and Aram are there, but Aram's mother was killed. Daise Congar does not want to let the TuathaAn into the village, but Perrin shames them into agreeing. Marin al'Vere, Alsbet Luhhan, Natti Cauthon and Neysa Ayellin arrive to help the injured. Raen and Ila tell them that the Trollocs came last night.

Perrin thinks now is the time to sneak off after Loial and Gaul, but Haral Luhhan comes up and asks for his help in organizing. Perrin does that, then tells Get Eldin to help Master Luhhan. Other people, Bran al'Vere, Buel Dowtry, Eward Candwin and Nela al'Caar ask for his opinion and help. Dannil, Ban and the others follow him. They are now calling themselves the Companions after Tam's stories. Some time later Luc arrives bringing a Fade's head in a bag. He condescendingly compliments Perrin, then goes to his room in the Winespring Inn.

The questions keep Perrin busy till noon and he goes to the Winespring Inn to eat. Natti Cauthon is there with Eldrin, Bodewhin and Aram. The girls are clearly taken with his good looks. Faile comes into the common room. She has been helping Marin al'Vere with the baking. Perrin tells her he is upset about being treated like a lord. She tells him he should bring the Two Rivers back to Andor and Morgase will make him a real lord. Aram suddenly speaks up asking about a basket of swords, then picks up one. At this moment, Alanna and Ila appear at the top of the stairs and Ila sees Aram with the sword. In tears, Ila blames Perrin for letting Aram take the sword. Perrin tells Aram to go to Tam who will teach him how to use it. Aram swears allegiance to Perrin and leaves.

Bran enters and tells them Whitecloaks are riding from the north. Perrin and Faile ride to the North Road to meet them. Luc is there as well. The leader of the Whitecloaks rides up and introduces himself as Dain Bornhald. Perrin realizes this must be Geofram Bornhald's son. He notes that Dain appears drunk. He recognizes Jaret Byar as well. Bran tells Dain that Emond's Field will take care of itself. Dain angrily tells them that Taren Ferry was wiped out last night. Many people escaped across the river. Dain lost fifty men. Luc seems surprised at this and questions Dain further asking if Ordeith was there. Dain is surprised that Luc knows Ordeith. Luc casually replies that he has seem him around, thinks him disreputable and hopes he died if he were there.[1]

Dain changes the subject and tries to arrest Perrin. Bran will not allow it. To keep the peace, Perrin offers to let the Whitecloaks into the village to help fight the Trollocs. Bran adds conditions that they will arrest no one, will not bother anyone, and will help with the defense. Dain Bornhald agrees and the Whitecloaks enter Emond's Field.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Luc correctly thinks Padan Fain was responsible for this raid. He is angry because of people escaping the Two Rivers to carry tales of what is going on there. (TSR,Ch56)

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