TGS: A New Commitment

Gawyn POV#

Gawyn rides Challenge into Gareth Bryne's camp. He was committed two days ago when he left Sleete and Dorlan. He knows the Younglings will not really be surprised after the negative things he said about Elaida and Aes Sedai. No one else knows that he helped Siuan escape or that he loves Egwene. For the first time in months his actions match his heart. On his way into the camp his is surprised to see an Aes Sedai face among the washwomen. A guard at the palisade, Sergeant Cords, assumes he is a recruit and sends him to Captain Aldan. Gawyn identifies himself but the guards just laugh. Because of his exhaustion, Gawyn foolishly attacks the guards disabling all four of them. Bowmen quickly take aim at him and he drops his sword.

Soon, Gareth Bryne arrives. Bryne takes him to his tent and gives him a tongue-lashing for his behavior. He chides Gawyn for not being with Elayne in Caemlyn. Only slightly cowed, Gawyn insists that they must rescue Egwene. He casually mentions that he saw an Aes Sedai in the camp and Bryne is surprised. Concerned that she might be a White Tower spy, they go to look for her. Gawyn questions why Bryne left Caemlyn. He refuses to listen to Bryne's explanation of Morgase and Gaebril. He still believes Rand is a monster despite what anyone tells him.[1] They find the Aes Sedai; she is Shemerin. She has been masquerading as "Lady Tagren". They take her to the Aes Sedai camp.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is Gawyn just obsessed and a bit crazy, or has he had some outside influence? All the information available says he is just obsessed, stubborn and a bit envious.

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