TGS: A Message in Haste

Siuan POV#

Siuan returns to the Aes Sedai camp and realizes something is going on from the commotion. The novices are milling around the Hall pavilion and Siuan wonders where Tiana is. She finds Sheriam who tells her the news; Elaida has Traveling. Ashmanaille, who is addressing the Hall, went to Kandor to collect tribute and was told someone from the White Tower was there the previous day. A scribe saw the gateway and a woman matching Nesita's description. Romanda and Moria are dubious. Recognizing the danger, Siuan sends a message in haste to Bryne's camp to watch their flanks. She wonders if Egwene or Leane was broken, then realizes it was probably Beonin. It is most important that the Seanchan do not learn it. Siuan feels some guilt at the state of the White Tower as she could have done more to hold the Ajahs together. Sharina comes up. Siuan thinks it would be wonderful if there were more like her and fewer like Romanda and Lelaine. Sharina confides that Ashmanaille spoke to Lelaine first and Lelaine then let it be known widely. If she could cause panic then she might be able to take control. The siege is now useless. Sharina is helping Siuan as she knows Lelaine or Romanda would end the practice of older novices were they in control. Siuan says she will make sure Egwene knows of her loyalty.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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