TEotW: Four Kings in Shadow

Rand POV#

Rand and Mat arrive at Four Kings at dusk. The Caemlyn Road runs through the center of town. It is a rougher town than Rand and Mat are used to. They finally stop at the fourth inn, The Dancing Cartman. Saml Hake is the innkeeper. Jak and Strom are the bouncers. Rand and Mat have to bargain harder for their room and board than they have at any other place. They play for a very rough crowd. They figure out that Saml Hake is going to rob them.

They take notice of a noble in the back of the room who is watching them. Rand overhears that he stopped and looked in all the other inns, including the Royal Inn, then came here. Rand steps outside and sees the man's carriage. The man's name is Howal Gode. Rand remembers seeing him in Whitebridge.[1]

Eventually all the patrons leave except for Howal Gode, who takes a room there for the night. Rand and Mat are shown to their room. After Saml Hake, Jak and Strom leave their room, Rand and Mat block the door. They try to escape through the window, but find it is nailed shut. Howal Gode comes to their room and tries to enter. Gode tries to get them to surrender. Rand and Mat look outside and see men outside, watching the window. Lightning then strikes their room.[2] The wall with the window has a hole in it. Mat cannot see but he and Rand take their belongings and leave.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Note: The timing in Chapters 31 - 34 is confusing due to an awkward flashback. For clarification of the timeline see the FAQ, Section 2.7.7.

[#1] In TEotW,Ch26 [#2] Rand used the One Power here. He will have a reaction to it a few days later. (TEotW,Ch33)

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